• "What I've gotten from TAB is being able to talk candidly with business owners who have tackled the questions I'm asking." read more...

    small business coaching
  • "TAB meetings are a breath of fresh air and have helped me think outside the box about a variety of issues from collections, to marketing to partnership." read more...

    business challenges
  • "I've learned to manage my business objectively by the numbers. It is making a huge difference in my management style and the growth of the business." read more...

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  • "TAB has helped my business grow significantly by encouraging me to take a step back and identify the basics I need." read more...

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  • "Regardless of the specific skills or background, each and every member of my TAB board has been able to provide me with ideas that I can use to improve my business."

    small business challenges
  • "As your business grows, you always learn more things that you're supposed to be doing or need to be planning for." read more...

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  • "We have been with TAB for over five years and the relationship has been a key element of our success."

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Valerie Koenig 
Valerie Koenig

The Alternative Board

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About Valerie Koenig

Valerie Koenig is President of The Alternative Board serving Honolulu and Leeward side of Oahu in Hawaii. Prior to starting her own firm, Valerie held positions in the consulting department of Grant Thornton and was Director of Marketing for corporate law firms in Honolulu, including Carlsmith Ball and IncLaw International. For the last ten years Valerie has worked as the principal and founder of Business Plans Hawaii, a financial and marketing consultancy and advisory firm. She has helped Hawaii businesses raise capital, market their products and services, and develop long term plans for growth. Valerie has an M.B.A. in finance and accounting from the American Graduate School of International Business, Thunderbird Campus. Before receiving her business degree and moving to Hawaii, she worked in Japan, Morocco, Switzerland and Washington, D.C. in a variety of business and government-related positions.

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